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Purely Yours Electric Breast Pump with 2 Bottle Kit

3.0 1 Reviews

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FSA-OK. This item can be purchased with an FSA Card. No prescription necessary.

About this product


The simple and effective choice for mothers returning to full-time work or for anyone who wants a quick and easy breast pumping experience. The Purely Yours® Breast Pump combines hospital-recommended technology and mom-friendly product features to provide a quick and easy breast pumping experience. This comfortable, effective, and portable breast pump can help you meet each mother’s breastfeeding goals.

  • Flange Size: 25mm
  • Does it come with a bag? No
  • Tube Length 36"
  • Number of Bottles: 2
  • Instructional DVD? Yes
  • Single or Double? Double
  • Additional Accessories? N/A
  • Battery Pack? No
  • Availability: In Stock

Rated 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Published 1 year ago

I've used this same model while pumping 2-3 times a day for several months. It a great pump with a battery option. 3 stars because it starts to dwindle in effectiveness after many months of pumping. Also, I didn't think it was too loud, but if i called someone while I was pumping, they'd always say, "What's that noise?!" It is awesome for one baby, but I had to buy a new one with the next child. This is my 3rd baby and 3rd time buying this same pump. It is covered by insurance- the fancier models are not.

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