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SmartyPants PreNatal Gummy Vitamins, 180 count

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You’re expecting (or may soon be). Expecting sustainable, bio-safe ingredients. Expecting a product free of synthetic colors, flavors and preservatives. Expecting a great tasting gummy. Well, look what the stork brought.

Each Serving Includes:

  • Premium nutrients

  • A delicious multivitamin for tastebud amazement

  • Omega 3 DHA and EPA fish oil for brain health* (from sustainable small fish)

  • Folate for healthy nervous system development* (880 mcg as methylfolate)

  • Vitamin K for calcium regulation and skeletal support* (16 mcg K2 as MK7)

  • Get Health. Give Health. For every bottle you buy SmartyPants will make a nutrient grant to children in need.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 based on 24 reviews.

Published 5 months ago

Don't like gummy vitamins but these are pretty good! :)

Published 5 months ago

It has been really good for my wife

Published 5 months ago

tasty, but you need to take 6 a day.

Published 5 months ago

knowing the dose would be helpful. I didn't realize I needed to take 6/day

Published 5 months ago

You have to take 6 daily and the bottle is huge. Probably wouldn't buy again,

Published 5 months ago

These vitamins are tasty and easy to take.

Published 5 months ago

The vitamins taste yummy, only downside is that the dosage is a total of 6 gummies.

Published 5 months ago

Nice vitamins but the taste is a little off and very expensive for a month's worth

Published 6 months ago

they taste great and don't have a weird aftertaste to them

Published 7 months ago

They taste good and are easy to take every day.

Published 7 months ago

Great price for the amount I got! Love them!

Published 7 months ago

have a sour taste to them

Published 7 months ago

Great vitamins, great flavor and doesn't leave me with the sour stomach like some of the others.

Published 8 months ago

Great that I can purchase this using my FSA.

Published 8 months ago

Great taste and east on the stomach. Will order these again

Published 8 months ago

Tasty gummy dots. Do not induce vomiting

Published 9 months ago

Taste great, love the natural flavor and coloring.

Published 9 months ago

Delicious and nutritious. Very happy with my purchase.

Published 9 months ago

These taste good and are high quality. I'm so happy these were available through the site!

Published 9 months ago

great taste ! great price !

Published 10 months ago

Easy to take and I don't dread the taste!

Published 10 months ago

Taking 6 gummies a day would be great if they tasted good. They don't taste great.

Published 11 months ago

Wonderful choice with good taste.

Published 1 year ago

Large container and require 6 gummies per day.


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