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Super PoliGrip Denture Adhesive Cream, Free of Artificial Flavors and Colors, 2.4 oz

FSA-OK. This item can be purchased with an FSA Card. No prescription necessary.

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About this product


Denture Adhesive

Strong, long hold.

SUPER POLIGRIP helps you enjoy more of your favorite foods! The formula is free of artificial flavors and colors and will hold dentures strong, all day long. SUPER POLIGRIP OOZE-CONTROL TIP makes applying adhesive easier with more control and less ooze.

Poly-Methylvinylether/Maleic Acid-Sodium-Calcium M , Petrolatum , Cellulose Gum , Mineral Oil

It may take a few tries to find the right amount of adhesive for your dentures. Using too much adhesive can cause oozing. We strongly recommend you start with a small amount and adjust later on.

Applying adhesive to your dentures:

  1. Clean and dry your dentures
  2. Squeeze tube from the top and apply adhesive in dashes or strips (as shown on package), not too close to denture edges. Rinse mouth before inserting dentures
  3. Press dentures in place, hold firmly and bite down for a few seconds.

Helpful Hints: Keep cap and nozzle dry so that opening does not clog. Keep the tube at room temperature for easy squeezing. Apply adhesive evenly. Visit your dentist regularly to maintain proper fitting dentures.

Removing dentures and adhesive:

  1. Swish mouth with water
  2. Take dentures out slowly using a rocking motion
  3. Wipe adhesive residue from gums and dentures with a soft, moist cloth
  4. Brush dentures under running warm water and soak in POLIDENT Cleanser
Consult your dentist for periodic examination of your dentures. Ill-fitting dentures may impair your health.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Published 1 month ago

Good products delivered in timely manner

Published 2 years ago

Works great for my hubby in order to keep the tooth in for the daily use.

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