5 FSA eligible items to improve your eyeglass care

Eyeglasses require consistent care to keep them in optimal shape, but if you have a flexible spending account (FSA), you are already ahead of the game! Your healthcare benefit covers a huge range of eyeglass & lens accessories you may not have known are FSA eligible, but will come in handy again and again in the future. Got some extra FSA funds to work with? Here are a few places to get started!

Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Whether you work outdoors for a living or have to contend with the elements during your morning commute, dirt, grime and other substances can directly affect the visual acuity of your lenses. Lens cleaners can solve this issue in a pinch! These small spray bottles fit perfectly into a backpack or purse and can quickly clean lenses when you're on the go.

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Eyeglass Microfiber Wipes

Wiping off the surface of glasses with anything but a soft cloth can permanently scratch and damage the lens, which can leave you hunting for replacement lenses far sooner than you'd expect! A microfiber wipe is the safest option to clean eyeglass lenses, and works perfectly in tandem with spray lens cleaners.

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Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes

If you're looking for a quick and easy solution that you can use on the go or at work, pre-moistened lens wipes may be the perfect solution! These FSA eligible wipes are formulated with anti-fogging ingredients and an anti-static formula to prevent additional dirt and grime from building up on the surface of lenses. As an added bonus, these wipes are safe to use on smartphone and computer screens!

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Nose Pads

Over time, the nose pads that are originally installed on a pair of glasses can begin to wear and degrade, which can affect how the glasses rest on your face and can even become painful in some cases. Replacement nose pad are a helpful tool for eyeglass wearers that can stabilize their frames and improve the wearers' comfort level until the glasses can be professionally repaired.

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Eyeglass Repair Kit

Last but not least, if over the course of a day a screw becomes loose in your frames (or is lost altogether!), an eyeglass repair kit is often the only solution to fix your specs! These kits contain replacement screws to fit a huge variety of eyewear, screwdrivers, a magnifying glass and everything else you'll need to make repairs on the fly.

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Sight Savers Lens Cleaner Spray

Cleans and polishes glass and plastic lenses. Anti-fog, anti-static protection.


Use an FSA for Healthy Vision Month

Did you know May is Healthy Vision Month? Use your FSA during this month to help promote healthy eye care and shop at FSAstore.com for your needs.

May brings along lots of health initiatives, but did you know it's also Healthy Vision Month? This yearly initiative founded by the National Eye Institute (NEI) promotes getting regular eye exams and take care of eye health.

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can use the plan for lots of eye-related medical expenses. With an FSA, you can shop for prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other applicable eye care accessories. You can also get an annual eye exam and visit different specialists to stay on top of your eye health year-round.

Here are some tips and FSA eligible products for eye care at FSAstore.com:

1) Schedule An Eye Exam & Get New Prescription Eyeglasses

Get a yearly eye exam and use your FSA to cover the cost, and then shop for glasses with your Flexible Spending Account.Glasses.com and FSAstore.com have partnered to provide a wide selection of prescription eyeglasses. Shop from top brands like Ray-Ban, Burberry, Oakley, Armani Exchange and more. Save $25 off orders of $100 or more!

Shop for glasses with your FSA

2) Shop for Eyeglass Accessories like Flents Wipe N Clear Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes

Cleaning your glasses becomes a daily chore as they accumulate dirt, sweat and more,throughout the day. And, you should be using a proper cloth to clean your glasses to avoid scratching and permanently damaging your lenses. Luckily, your FSA can help

Flents Wipe N Clear Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes are a quick and easy way to clean your glasses. They're convenient, easy to carry, and remove dust and debris, and even have an anti-fogging solution.Shop for Flents Wipe N Clear Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes

3) Shop for Contact Lenses and Contact Lens Care with your FSA

Contact Lenses. There are a lot of differences to consider when choosing the right kind of contact lenses for you. One major distinction is that of duration. You can choose to wear dailies, which are disposable contacts you throw away at the end of each day and replace with a fresh one the next day. You can also choose extended wear contact lenses that can be worn anywhere from up to 7 days to one month depending on what option you choose.

Shop for Contact Lenses with your FSA

Contact Lens Care. Did you know you should regularly clean your contact lenses? You can shop for contact lens care with your FSA to ensure lens cleanliness, lens surface moisture and clear, comfortable vision. Opti-Free RepleniSH MultiPurpose Disinfection Solution (2 pack) provides gentle cleaning agents to keep your lenses clean and comfortable, reducing protein build-up and lens deposits. This solution also kills bacteria responsible for eye infection.

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4) Treat Puffy, Tired Eyes with the TheraPearl Hot or Cold Therapy Eye Mask

During Healthy Vision Month, reduce puffy, tired eyes and keep your eyes comfortable. The eye mask can be used for both hot or cold therapy to reduce inflammation, soreness and other symptoms.

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Treat spring eye allergies with an FSA

There are several ways to treat spring eye allergies with your FSA and reduce itchy symptoms. Learn more in this blog post.

While people often associate allergy season with coughing and sneezing, allergy symptoms can also show up in red, itchy, watery eyes. And, there's good news: these symptoms can be treated, and you can use a Flexible Spending Account, or FSA, in the process.

Though allergies can be seasonal (especially in spring with higher pollen counts), they don't necessarily have to be seasonal, if eyes are sensitive to other environmental factors. But, there are several ways to treat eye allergies with your FSA and reduce itchy symptoms.

Here are a few tips from WebMD, "Stay indoors when pollen counts are highest, usually in mid-morning and early evening. Close the windows and run the air conditioner (window fans can draw in pollen and mold spores). If you go out, wearing eyeglasses or bigsunglasses can help block pollen from your eyes. Driving? Keep the windows closed and run the air conditioner."

You can shop for prescription eyeglasses with an FSA

In addition to that, WebMD recommends keeping a clean home and cleaning floors with a wet mop. "Sweeping tends to stir up rather than get rid of allergens. Especially if a pet shares the house with you, consider replacing rugs and carpets, which trap and hold allergens, with hardwood, tile, or other flooring materials that are easier to clean. Go with blinds instead of curtains."

Alternatively, you can tryrinsing eyes out with saline solution or eye lubricants.

And, finally, WebMD also urges people to fight the urge to rub or itch their eyes, as that could intensify allergy symptoms. The WebMD experts recommend using cool compresses for relief.

Shop for cool compresses with an FSA

If these at-home remedies don't work, you can also try prescription medications to fight allergy symptoms.

Take oral histamines like Zyrtec or Claritin to treat symptoms and get relief

Shop for Rx Eye Care for Allergy Relief.Note: you'll need a prescription to get reimbursed by your FSA.

Finally, if your allergies persist or worsen, it could be best to check in with your doctor. You could use an FSA to cover the deductible, or co-pay for the visit.

Learn about additional eligible expenses via the FSA Eligibility List


Are contact lenses FSA eligible?

Are contact lenses FSA eligible? Yes, buy them with your flex spending account, and contact lenses are great alternatives to glasses for vision correction.

Yes! You can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to shop for contact lenses. Contact lenses are great alternatives to glasses for vision correction. There are a lot of differences to consider when choosing the right kind of contact lenses for you. One major distinction is that of duration. You can choose to wear dailies, which are disposable contacts you throw away at the end of each day and replace with a fresh one the next day.

You can also choose extended wear contact lenses that can be worn anywhere from up to 7 days to one month depending on what option you choose.

Learn more about daily vs. extended time contact lenses


These lenses are placed in the eyes in the morning and taken out before going to bed. They are not designed to be left in the eye overnight and are disposed of on a daily basis.

Some advantages this type of contact lens offers include reduced time caring for lenses and not having to buy contact lens solutions and storage for lenses. It takes a short period of time to get comfortable with dailies, and it's great for people with active lifestyles since it is more difficult to dislodge.

However, It can be dangerous to wear daily wear contact lenses for an extended time period. With daily wear contact lenses, the material is different and doesn't allow as much oxygen to reach the surface of the eye.


Extended contact lenses are commonly prescribed to be worn for two weeks at a time in the U.S, but time span varies depending on the brand. These are designed to allow more oxygen to reach the surface of your eye and have been approved by the FDA for overnight usage. While 7 days technically means 7 days and nights, it is recommended that you take your contacts out before sleeping to allow your eyes to breathe at night.

Extended wear contact lenses are ideal for people with healthy eyes, who are looking for convenience, and have strong prescriptions as it allows good vision round the clock. It is also ideal for those who have irregular work schedules with which maintenance of daily lenses would interfere.

Read more via http://www.aoa.org/patients-and-public/caring-for-your-vision/contact-lenses/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-various-types-of-contact-lenses?sso=y

Shop for contact lenses with your Flexible Spending Account