Caring Mill™ Hydrocolloid Bandages

SKU# 29614

Caring Mill™ Hydrocolloid Bandages

SKU# 29614
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Caring Mill™ Hydrocolloid Bandages
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Caring Mill™ Hydrocolloid Bandages are adhesive waterproof bandages that provide protection and relief from painful blisters and wounds. These patches are designed for everyday use with their dual-action seal which keeps out dirt, water, and bacteria, while promoting faster healing. 

Caring Mill™ is a line of premium health care products that supports a healthy lifestyle for individuals and their families. With every purchase of Caring Mill products, a donation is made to Children's Health Fund - a non-profit organization that provides health treatments to thousands of underserved children in the United States.


  • 10-count

  • Waterproof 

  • All-purpose, everyday use 

  • Product will turn white to signify when it has fully absorbed excess fluids to aid in a faster and easier healing process

  • Dual-action seal technology

  • Cushioning provides protection and relief from painful blisters 

  • Minimizes friction to prevent further blistering 

  • Long lasting - can be worn for multiple days, even through showers 

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