Contour CPAP Wipes, Citrus, 72 ct

SKU# 27054

Contour CPAP Wipes, Citrus, 72 ct

SKU# 27054
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Contour CPAP Wipes, Citrus, 72 ct
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Keeping your CPAP mask clean is vital to achieving CPAP compliance. Dirty masks and CPAP equipment can contribute to mask leaks and shifting. Not to mention, the dangers of inhaling extra bacteria and germs. Put your mask on at night, knowing that what you are putting on your face is completely germ-free. Our mask wipes will provide a convenient way to ensure that your CPAP equipment is clean. Your CPAP mask cleaning wipes will be easy to access throughout the night, with a pop open lid and soft case. Our original CPAP mask wipes have always stood out amongst other CPAP mask cleaning supplies, but we knew that customers wanted a variety of scents. So, we expanded on our unscented wipes and now bring you options in lavender, eucalyptus, and citrus. We used the same materials and base ingredients but added refreshing scents and a new soft case! Enjoy your scented (or unscented) cleaning wipes and the new and improved case which allows for better travel and storage! PLUS customers get 16% more wipes then our original CPAP Mask Wipes in the canister. That means each case comes with 72 wipes! More cleaning wipes, a better case, refreshing scents and overall improved CPAP Compliance!
  • Remove Facial Oils
  • Optimize Mask Seal
  • Gentle on Face and Hands
  • Alcohol & Latex Free
  • 100% Viscos Fiber Cotton

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