CPAP Comfort Cover - Reusable Fabric Comfort Liner, #8090

SKU# 27464

CPAP Comfort Cover - Reusable Fabric Comfort Liner, #8090

SKU# 27464
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CPAP Comfort Cover - Reusable Fabric Comfort Liner, #8090
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Large numbers of CPAP users quit their therapy each year due to skin irritations, air leaks, and pressure marks. Such was the case of the manufacturer of CPAP Comfort Cover, Norman Paulk. After being diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and being placed on a BiPAP, he was elated to be sleeping soundly at last. But soon after beginning his therapy, he began to suffer from severe skin irritation. He tried everything on the market as suggested by his respiratory therapist, but nothing worked. Trying to go 3 nights without using his PAP device so that his face could heal meant he wasn't sleeping and he wasn't staying compliant. In an effort to make things work for him, Norman and his wife Vicki set out to design a product that would address not only the skin irritation, but also air leaks and pressure marks. CPAP Comfort Cover was born. Not only are there two liners to a package that can be laundered and worn over and over again, the elastic band keeps them in place and prevents air leaks.
  • Prevents air leaks, pressure marks, and skin irritation.
  • 2 CPAP mask liners in each box, 7 different sizes to fit the majority of nasal and full face masks.
  • Machine washable, secured with elastic, and made in the USA.
  • American Made
  • Made of a soft cotton/polyester blend
  • Uses latex-free elastic

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