Crane Cordless Warm & Cool Mist Inhaler

SKU# 30476

Crane Cordless Warm & Cool Mist Inhaler

SKU# 30476
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Crane Cordless Warm & Cool Mist Inhaler
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The Perfect Portable Inhaler to Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy. Crane's Warm Steam and Cool Mist
Personal Inhaler is perfect for instant relief from congestion, sore throat, dry and irritated sinuses, and so
much more. It's portable, ergonomic design can be used corded or cordless anywhere, on-the-go. It has
multiple warm and cool settings for your desired comfort and comes with 2 latex-free, medical grade
silicone, interchangeable masks so you can switch between users. The kit comes with everything you need,
including a water resistant travel bad, bottle of inhaler water, masks, and 5 menthol vapor pads for extra
relief from congestion and sinus or throat irritation.

-INSTANT RELIEF : Produces super fine non-medicated comfortable mist to inhale for extended time.
Hydrates Nasal Passages to ease discomfort in the Nose and Throat, from Allergies, Cold and Flu,
Congestion, Dryness and Sinus Irritations.
-INSTANT, SAFE OPERATION : No waiting time, produces whisper quiet mist instantaneously. Choose
between Low/High WARM or Low/High COOL mist output. Easy and safe to operate for kids and adults,
works with spring water.
-15 MINUTE TREATMENTS : Simply press control button to start instant WARM/COOL mist treatments.
Auto off after each 15 minute treatment. Can be used with or without OPTIONAL Crane Vapor Pads HS-
1948 (5 incl.). Vapor Pads provide soothing vapors for additional relief of nasal congestion.
-CORDLESS & LIGHT WEIGHT: Easy to hold for extended treatments, weighs only 7 oz. Rechargeable
Lithium-Ion batteries last up to 2 hours per charge. No down time, can be used cordless and with extra-long
cord while recharging.
-INCLUDED : 2 Anti-allergic medical grade dishwasher safe silicone face pieces (latex free), 5 Optional
Vapor Pads, Water, Charger, Carry Bag and Inhaler.
-1-year limited manufacturer warranty included.

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