10 favorite FSA eligible products

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time for us at FSAstore.com! With the big December 31st FSA deadline passed, we are re-stocking for the next big FSA deadline. Of course, FSA deadlines vary per plan, so it's always good to keep track of your individual deadline to make sure you're monitoring your FSA.

This deadline will be on March 15, after the 2.5 month FSA grace period for those with an FSA plan ending December 31. What is the grace period and how does it differ from the FSA Carryover? Watch this Carryover vs. Grace Period video for an overview of these deadline extensions and explanation of both of these extensions. There are plenty of interesting new FSA eligible products in store for the new year and available at FSAstore.com.

Here are a few of our favorites that are available right now:

1) Kinsa Smartphone Thermometer

This thermometer plugs right into your smartphone and comes with a free app for iOS and Android. This battery-free thermometer allows you to easily track illnesses and share information with your doctor so they can get healthy faster.

2) Boogie Wipes Saline Nose Wipes

Whether you're susceptible to dry skin or nasal irritation during the common cold, saline nasal wipes are a perfect, gentle alternative to a dry tissue, especially designed for young children.

3) Bed Buddy Iso-Ball Moist Heat for Arthritis Pain

Heat therapy is a tried and true method to treat arthritis pain, and the Iso-Ball is meant to fit in the palm of the hand to provide gentle warmth while you're exercising your hand. This can be a great complement to over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers.

4) La Roche PosayAnthelios SPF 50 Primer and Sunscreen

Even during the winter months, your skin is at risk of sunburn and significant sun damage. La Roche-Posay sunscreen can be worn under makeup and can fit into your sun protection skin regimen seamlessly.

5) Back-A-Line Premiere BIOflex Magnet Lumbar Support

If you suffer from lower back pain, you know that any awkward twist or turn can re-aggravate the injury, so stabilizing this area is a must. This is one of our favorite new back supports that features a curved lumbar pad and designed for individuals with active lifestyles to reduce pain, prevent muscle atrophy and improve circulation.

6) American Red Cross Deluxe Family First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must in any home, and it can make you confident in the event of an emergency that you can provide immediate care before seeking out professional medical attention. This product from the American Red Cross also comes with a handy first aid guide!

7) Kenko Acupressure Mat for Back/Neck Pain or Back Pain

Acupressure is a pain relief method that is often referred to as "acupuncture without needles," and concentrates on pressure points to relieve pain. Kenko mats recreate this practice with mats that provide targeted therapy to specific pressure points to reduce pain throughout the body.

8) SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid

Designed for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, the SafeAwake Fire Alarm Aid is placed next to a person's bed and alerts users with vibrations with the bed shaker and a loud audible alarm that can make all the difference during a life-threatening fire situation.

9) EOS SPF 15Lemon Drop Lip Balm

Fight sun damage and dry skin this winter with a broad spectrum, SPF 15 lip balm featuring natural conditioning oils and anti-oxidant rich vitamin E.

10) Bed Buddy at Home Relaxation Mask (Lavender and Rose)

Whether you're trying to relieve stress or ease sinus pressure and headache pain, this eye mask utilizes fragrant oils and natural herbs to provide a soothing effect that can alleviate discomfort and invigorate the senses.

Curious about other covered expenses? Check out the FSA Eligibility List for more details on eligible expenses with an FSA!

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