3 FSA-eligible items to bring to the beach

Though the end of July is almost here, there is still plenty of time to go to the beach. Are you planning a trip with friends or family? Do you have a vacation planned for August? Do you enjoy sailing, volleyball, swimming, or any other outdoor activities that are typical to the beach?

Here are 3 eligible items for the beach:

1. Sun Care. One of the most important items you can pack is sunscreen. You can't ever apply enough of it, especially when you're dealing with many elements at the beach (the water, sand and direct sunlight). FSAstore.com carries a variety of Sun Care bundles depending on your needs.

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2. First aid kits. Grabbing a mini first aid kit before you head to the beach is a smart way to prepare for minor cuts and scrapes. Every first aid kit comes equipped with your basic necessities, so you can focus on enjoying the rest of your day.

3. Travel essentials. Not entirely sure what to pack when it comes to health care products? Check out our Travel Essentials for helpful FSA eligible items.

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What will you bring to the beach with your FSA? Comment below and let us know. We'd love to hear from you.