3 Tips for Outdoor Fun (with Your FSA)!

It's been a long winter, and many of us are ready for spring! In some parts of the country it's still not quite there yet, but this time of year does bring us to spring break, and warm weather travel planning.

Spring is a good time for you, and your friends and family to travel together. Even if you're staying local, you can take advantage of nice weather by spending time outdoors or taking your exercise routine outside. Before you get started, don't forget to think about a few healthy spring essentials.

Your Flexible Spending Account can help you prepare for the upcoming season.

Health Checkup: Services Covered by Your FSA

Stay on track with your overall health by scheduling a few exams and other healthy screenings. You can use your FSA toward expenses not covered by your insurance plan, and also to cover co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance at the doctor's office. Have you had your annual eye exam? When was the last time you visited the dentist? Have you had a physical? Use your FSA for all these expenses. Check the FSA Eligibility List for details on services & products.

3 Tips for Products Covered by Your FSA

Get ready for Spring with Your FSA, whether you're going to the beach, enjoying a hike, planning a road trip, want to go for a run, or anything else...

Are you planning a road trip, or are you off to the beach? In addition to snacks, clothes, and other essentials, it's great to bring along a few healthy Travel Essentials for the road. Think about a first-aid kit for travel (for minor cuts and scrapes), sunscreen for the beach and while in the car, contact lens solution, and more.

Shop for Sun Care Bundle, which contains much of what you'll need for the beach.

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Are you going on an adventure soon? If you're planning a hike, or enjoy camping, you'll definitely benefit from having first-aid essentials with you in the car, in your backpack, or in your tent.

Adventure Medical Kits can offer a wide selection based on your needs, ranging from a comprehensive kit to a sports kit and other first-aid supplies.

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Do you exercise regularly? Are you a runner, or do you enjoy walking around the neighborhood, or are you planning to complete a race?

One of the biggest factors in staying active is making sure you don't overdo it, and prevent injuries. At the first sign of any muscle strains or pains, you'll need to rest and properly take care of the sore muscles.

Luckily, your FSA can help! You can treat muscle aches with hot/cold therapy and quickly handle all types of pain!

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