5 ways to avoid summer acne breakouts

Whether you have acne-prone skin long into adulthood or simply find that your skin breaks out when the summer weather hits, this time of year can be especially trying. Excessive sweating from high temperatures and strenuous outdoor activities can contribute to acne breakouts. High levels of outdoor pollutants from poor air quality can also contribute to the formation of blackheads and regular breakouts. At FSAstore.com, we sell a range of acne treatments for the face and body that can make a huge difference in controlling breakouts, but it will take some extra effort on your end to significantly lessen their frequency.


First and foremost, sweat does not cause breakouts. Rather, it is the dirt, oils and bacteria that accumulates on the skin and becomes trapped in the skin's pores over the course of a day. However, using harsh cleansers to remove these substances can harm acne-prone skin and even increase the frequency of breakouts in some cases. It's best to stay committed to a morning and evening face wash regimen with a gentle cleanser, and improve its efficacy with a cleansing brush.


Individuals with very oily skin should skip the moisturizer because it can contribute to breakouts. For those who use moisturizers for sun protection, an oil-free sunscreen can be a great substitute. In most other cases, moisturizers are a necessary part of a beauty regimen. It's recommended to use products that are non-comedogenic (designed to not clog pores) and only to treat dry areas of the face and body when necessary.


While you can't see it on your skin, bacteria is certainly there. It will build up over the course of the day and can contribute to skin imperfections over time. Dermatologists recommend treating your face with products that contain benzoyl peroxide before bed. These can eliminate bacteria that could contribute to the formation of breakouts overnight.


Clearing your skin of oil and grime can make a tangible difference in controlling breakouts, your diet can also contribute to acne issues. Some of the more troublesome foods to avoid include dairy products, sugar, fast foods high in salt and carbohydrate-rich foods like white bread and potato chips.

This summer, keep your acne in check. Support the wellness of you and your loved ones by shopping at FSAstore.com! We have the web's largest selection of FSA-eligible products!