5 ways to stave off winter weight gain

When you look at all the temptations that winter brings to the table, it's no wonder that research shows that adults typically gain between 1 to 2 pounds between late November and early January.

Heavy holiday meals, indulging on alcohol with family and friends and dwindling activity levels are a perfect cocktail for unexpected weight gain, but it doesn't have to be the same old story for 2016!

Whether you've already put on some pounds or you're holding steady, the following tips from FSAstore.com can help you stay fit throughout the cold weather months.

Tips to curb winter weight gain with an FSA:

Indulge with care

After emerging from the office at 5 p.m. into pitch black night, it can be tempting to head off to the bar with co-workers or cozy up at home with a nightcap. But, alcohol is one of the chief causes of winter weight gain. When alcohol enters the body, it is not stored as fat and the body will prioritize burning off alcohol and depleting it from the body. Therefore, as long as the body is burning off alcohol, all fat burning will cease, which is like putting your diet on pause indefinitely. Limit your intake or alter back and forth between non-alcoholic drinks to ease the negative effects of alcohol.

Schedule physical fitness

It can be difficult to muster the motivation to hit the gym on dark, chilly evenings, but one trick is to schedule it into your weekly routine as you would any other task. Exercise is typically the first activity to drop from a busy schedule, but you should look at it as vital as any meeting or event you have planned in the future. Schedule trips to the gym or join a class to take a structured approach to continuing your physical fitness in the winter.

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Stock up on healthy snacks

With extra efforts to stave off weight gain and eat healthier, hunger pangs come with the territory, but you can give into those temptations confidently with the right snacking options. Go for raw, unsalted almonds or beef jerky for quick snacks on the go, and embrace seasonal fruits and vegetables to fill in the gaps between meals.

FSA tip: Schedule regular checkups (annual eye exam, annual dental exam, and more) to stay on top of your health. You can use an FSA to cover co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance.

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While working out can be a great stress reliever, the new year will bring with it a bevy of to-dos and other obligations that can become overwhelming. Emotional eating can be a result of these tattered nerves, which can certainly undo your healthy streak. Stress fighting activities like meditation, breathing exercises or taking a walk can make a major difference in your overall happiness and help you stick to your health goals.

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Chart your progress

Whether you're trying to maintain your current weight or lose a few pounds, weighing yourself each day can help keep you accountable and on top of your goals. Keep a journal that outlines your meals, exercise regimen and daily weights to track relevant patterns and maximize your abilities to reach your fitness goals.

To stay on top of your health and weight loss goals this winter, be sure to check out FSAstore.com all season long! We have the web's largest selection of FSA eligible products to enhance your health and wellness year-round.

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