A roundup of surprisingly FSA- eligible expenses

How to use your Flexible Spending Account

A Flexible Spending Account offers a great way to save on healthcare expenses, by letting you pay for services (co-pays and deductibles) and medical products (including contact lens care and baby care items to so many more available items).

You can put aside up to $2,500 per year per FSA (if you and your spouse have separate FSAs through work, you could set aside up to $5,000 in tax-free money).

Flexible Spending Accounts have uses for just about everyone - whether you have a family, have kids, are single, have a baby or are expecting, etc. There are thousands of items at FSAstore.com that are available to you with an FSA.

Baby Care

Do you know anyone who is expecting? Are you planning a new addition to the family? Good news! Baby care (including breastfeeding supplies and even baby sunscreen) is covered by your FSA.

Read more about five great baby care items that your FSA covers!


Do you love to work out? No matter what kind of sports you enjoy, your FSA will cover different types of elastics and bandages, and also hot/cold packs.

People also often wonder if protein powder is covered by a Flexible Spending Account. Curious to find out? Read more.

Eye Care

Did you know that routine eye exams, contact lens solution and eyeglasses are covered by an FSA? Learn more about maintaining a healthy vision with an FSA.

Unused money at the end of the FSA plan year (or, after a grace period extension ends) is lost.Keep track of your FSA funds throughout the plan year and ask your FSA administrator any specific questions about your FSA plan (remaining balance, FSA eligible expenses, claims).

Surprisingly Eligible