Breastfeeding just got "smarter"

The FSA-eligible Medela Sonata with Smart Solution brings new levels of connectivity to nursing

The benefits of breastfeeding are well-documented. For children, nursing produces short-term benefits like easy digestibility and well-rounded nutrition, while offering longer-term benefits like reduced risk for asthma, allergies, obesity and more.

For mothers who choose to nurse and are able to, it can help save money, burn calories, boost postpartum recovery, and even create a sense of relaxation when producing milk. And of course, there's the opportunity to bond with your child.

But even these undeniable benefits can get lost in the annoying sound of a dated breast pump. Though electric pumps have been around for 30+ years, they haven't evolved much past the original format. Yes, they've been made more portable and efficient, but they still lack the convenience and modern advancements we've seen in other technologies.

This is what drove Medela, one of the maternity industry's oldest and most well-known names, to develop the FSA-eligible Sonata, which is not only its quietest device, but also its first Bluetooth-enabled breast pump. Using SmartSolution™ technology through its MyMedela mobile app, the Sonata brings new levels of interaction, understanding and privacy to nursing.

When connected to the app, the Sonata breast pump directly interacts with an on-demand lactation resource, featuring around-the-clock consultants available for live video chat whenever needed. Mothers can also monitor their feeding and pumping information, while also tracking their babies' height, weight and even diaper change frequencies.

This data can then be recorded, saved and shared so you can monitor your nursing in real-time, while doctors can easily gauge progress, for both you and your child. The reassurance that comes from a smart, more advanced technology is a great choice for hi-tech moms on the go.

The FSA-eligible Medela Sonata is now available in our store.

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