Do you have an FSA Grace Period (ending March 15)?

Picture this: You're sitting behind the computer at home working on your monthly budget. This isn't anything new, but did you consider your “health" budget? If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you could be using your funds for different FSA eligible expenses including medical products and health services.

An FSA deadline is approaching on March 15 – the FSA Grace Period ends that day. This so-called Grace Period is a 2 ½ month extension at the end of plan year to use your 2013 FSA funds. If you're unsure whether your FSA plan has the Grace Period, it's good to confirm with your FSA administrator now.

Changes to FSA 'Use it or Lose it' Rule

Late last year, the U.S. Treasury Department announced changes to the FSA “Use it or Lose it" rule, which had required that you must use your FSA funds by a set deadline or risk losing them. Employers are now allowed to offer either a carryover option for FSA holders of up to $500, or they can offer the Grace Period. FSAs cannot have both options, so if you're unsure about your plan, check in with your FSA administrator. is exclusively stocked with FSA eligible products. We reduce the confusion you face at the drugstore, where it can be hard to tell which products qualify for your FSA.

5 Ways to Spend Down Before The Grace Period

#1: Winter/Cold products

  • Struggling with a cold? Your FSA can help! Neti pots, nasal saline solution, nasal aspirators and steam vaporizers are eligible with an FSA. You can also shop for Rx products including cough drops, sore throat spray, Vicks BabyRub soothing vapor ointment, Advil Congestion Relief and Mucinex. Health care reform regulations (as of Jan. 2011) require that items containing medicines need a prescription for FSA reimbursement.
  • carries items from popular brands like Vicks, Ayr, NeilMed and more. We also have a special Winter/Cold bundleto help you get rid of a cold.

#2: Hot/Cold Packs to Treat Pain

  • Treat all types of pain with your FSA, including for arthritis, neck pain, headaches and back pain. Did you know you can get a pain relief eye mask, a heated neck rest, sinus compresses or heat wraps for elbow, lower back or menstrual cramps with an FSA?
  • You can also find cold packs for kids to make boo-boos less painful, and cooling headache pads for migraine and headache relief. sells popular brands such as Thermal-Aid, ThermaCare, TheraPearl and Bed Buddy.

#3: Diagnostics for Heart Health

  • February is American Heart Month. Take care of your heart health with diagnostics such as blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes. You will be able to keep track and easily monitor health with products from brands such as Omron, LifeSource and Naturespirit.
  • If you're looking to monitor a fever, thermometers from Vicks, Braun and Mabis for adults, kids and even babies are FSA eligible as well.

#4: Visit a Health Care Specialist

  • Your FSA covers out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance for visits with medical providers. Often, specialists not covered by your regular insurance plan (including chiropractors and acupuncturists) are considered FSA eligible service providers.
  • You can also get a dental exam, an annual eye exam or take your child to a pediatrician with an FSA. Schedule these visits in advance before the March 15 deadline, and make sure to check in with your FSA administrator to find out which services are covered by your FSA.

#5: Bundles

  • Bundles are care packages meant for any FSA budget. Whether you're looking for something for your family, need pain relief or even travel essentials or baby care, we have a bundle for it!

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