Encouraging employees to use their FSA for Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Healthy, well-rested and active employees generally make the best workers, and that energy boost that comes from regular exercise can sharpen the mind and body to help your employees reach their full potential. May is Global Employee Health & Fitness Month, so now is the ideal time to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and work to make this a part of your company culture.

While this doesn’t mean that you should start doing jumping jacks in the office anytime soon, there are ways that you can provide incentives to help your employees become more active. Everything from to planning active work outings to holding post-business hours exercise classes are great starting points, but also reminding them about the benefits of their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and is a great step in the right direction.

Check out these FSA eligible products that you can find at FSAstore.com, and encourage your employees to use their tax-free funds embrace a new, active lifestyle:

Hot and cold packs

  • Going from zero to active can lead to initial soreness, and if your employees press too hard, it could lead to a potential injury. Thankfully, your employees can get back in the game quickly by using their tax-free funds on FSA eligible hot and cold packs. Hot packs are primarily used to treat chronic injuries, while cold packs are meant to reduce inflammation following an immediate injury. However, they can be used in tandem in a process called contrast therapy to effectively treat an afflicted area of the body and speed recovery times.

Insoles and foot cushioning treatments

  • Many employees are unaware that their FSAs can cover cushioned insoles and other foot treatments that can be invaluable in reducing strain on feet and joints during physical activity. FSAstore.com features an impressive selection of insoles, moleskin padding, heel cups and much more than can help your employees after intense sessions at the gym!

Over-the-counter (OTC) products

  • Whether your employees are trying to fight off a cold or looking for pain relief from gym-related soreness and inflammation, over-the-counter items are covered by FSAs. For OTC items containing a medical ingredient, employees will need a prescription from their physician before purchasing. Luckily, FSAstore.com can quickly help process prescriptions during checkout when your employees provide their physician’s name, phone number and address, or by mailing or faxing their prescription to our prescription provider.

With the warm weather here in full swing, Global Employee Health and Fitness Month comes at the perfect time when people are enjoying the great outdoors and raising their activity levels. Use this time to remind your employees about all of the great products they can purchase with their FSAs at FSAstore.com to help them realize their fitness goals and make healthier choices that can last a lifetime.

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