End of year guide to FSA-eligible products

The holidays are a busy time, and as you're getting ready for them, it might be easy to forget about your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) deadline on December 31.

If your FSA plan year ends on December 31, you'll want to ensure you use remaining FSA dollars before it's too late. If you're not sure when your deadline is or if it's on December 31, or if you have a deadline extension like the Carryover or Grace Period, it's best to contact your FSA administrator or your HR department for those details now.

Our End-of-Year Guide to FSA Eligible Products will give you ideas on how you can treat yourself and use your remaining money for a variety of products! People are often pleasantly surprised by what their Flexible Spending Account can cover, ranging from products in eye care and baby care to hot/cold pain relief and much more.

We've compiled this End-of-Year Guide to make it easier for you to shop for these products, without any confusion as to what's eligible. If you already spent your FSA dollars for this year, share this guide with a friend, family member or coworker who still has leftover FSA money and help them maximize their tax-free savings.

Are you someone who enjoys sports or other healthy activities? Check out our selection of active products to help you with your fitness goals!

TheraPearl's innovative, drug-free Pearl Technology conforms to your body and treats pains in the neck, puffy eyes, knees, ankles, and more. Shop for TheraPearl at FSAstore.com.

Want a comprehensive moist or dry heating pad? Check out the Cara Select Heat LCD Moist or Dry Heating Pads – King Size Model padfor various pain types.

Professional athletes use it and it stays on during workouts, KT Tape can be easily applied to alleviate pain and even be worn in the shower or a pool.

Blood pressure is important to monitor at any age. If you'd like to keep track of your vitals while on the go, the smartphone-compatible Qardio is a light device that will collect your stats. We also have a Hi-Tech Health category full of smartphone-compatible products and other neat items including TENS Therapy units, ear uncloggers and more.

Are you fighting athritis pain? Battlecreek's Thermophore MaxHeat Arthritis pad can help.

Are you traveling for the holidays or early in 2016? Use an FSA now to prep for upcoming travels.

If you're avid hiker or enjoy walking around local parks, it's always handy to have a first-aid kit ready in the car or on your person. Adventure Medical Kits offer a lot of versatile styles depending on your needs with the most comprehensive first-aid treatments included. Check out Adventure Medical Kits.

Keep a defibrillator in the car (or in the office). The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator can be readily used with step-by-step voice instructions (including CPR coach) to help you treat cardiac arrest.

Do you suffer from motion sickness during travel? You can wear acupressure, drug-free wrist bands that relieve nausea from travel or motion sickness, known as Psi Bands. Psi Bands can also be used to relieve nausea from anesthesia, morning sickness and more. Shop for Psi Bands at FSAstore.com.

Bring a box of Band-aids. Carry a steady supply with you to quickly treat small cuts and scrapes, and bring kid-approved Band-Aids with their favorite cartoons.

Protect your skin. Skin care is vital year-round, and especially so during the winter when skin can dry out. Does your skin break out? Check out reVive acne therapy for optimal, drug-free skin care.

Say goodbye to pain with hot/cold therapy. The all-natural hot/cold therapy for adults and kids from Thermal-Aid alleviates all types of aches and provides comfort. Kids can even have a cute, hot/cold therapy stuffed animal friend to make boo-boos less painful. Shop for Thermal-Aid at FSAstore.com.

Get a head start on colds and allergies.Supply yourself with some items to treat cold or allergy symptoms at their onset.

Items could include:

A Warm Steam Vaporizer– this vaporizer can help relieve cold symptoms quickly and in a natural way. Or, a Neti Pot or Saline solution can also treat congestion.

Handheld Steam inhaler– get instant relief for allergies, colds/flu symptoms and sinus problems with a handheld steam inhaler.

Shop for Cold/Allergy products at FSAstore.com

Plan ahead for a little one

If you're expecting a baby, there are a few items you can use your FSA for, as well. Many baby care items are covered by an FSA, including:

Baby Thermometers.Forehead thermometers provide a non-invasive, quick, and gentle way to monitor your baby's fever.

Breast pumps & applicable accessories. Breastfeeding supplies from popular baby care brand Medela are also covered by your FSA and sold at FSAstore.com. These items include breast milk storage milks and nipple shields.

Shop for Baby Care at FSAstore.com.

Not sure what to buy? What to be inspired on how to treat yourself? Check out our Best Sellers section!

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