Eye Care 101 with a Flex Spending Account

When people think to use their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), often the first thing they want to use it for is eye care. All types of eye care expenses are covered by your pre-tax FSA, so it makes sense to tap into the out-of-pocket savings that these accounts provide.

But, when it comes to eye care, you can use your Flexible Spending Account for much more than simply eyeglasses.

How else can I use my Flexible Spending Account for eye care?

The Eye Care 101 with your FSA:

  1. Get yearly Eye exams. They're covered byFlexible Spending Accounts(use your FSA for co-pays and deductibles), and also keep tabs on your overall eye health. Have you had vision changes? Any other concerns related to eye health? Mention it during your exam and ask your doctor about it!
  2. LASIKis considered covered by Flex Spending Accounts. Check in with your FSA administrator to see if it's covered by your individual plan! Plan eligibility varies!

Learn about other eye care expenses via ourFSA Eligibility List

Shop for Eye Care Products:

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  1. Do you wear contact lenses? You can buy contact lenses (brand name ones) and contact lens solution with your FSA account.
  2. Do you preferprescription eyeglasses? Eyeglasses are covered by your FSA plan, as are their eyeglass accessories.

Shop for Eye Care Products at FSA Storeand save up to 40% by using your account

Shop for theEye Care bundle which features different products for your eye health