Finding your Flexible Spending Account information

Where Can I Find My Flex Spending Account Information?

Want to know how much money is left in your Flexible Spending Account? Simply need to check the status of a claim or need to submit a claim for reimbursement? Do you know the deadlines your plan has by which you must use your FSA dollars to avoid losing them?

People often wonder about all of this FSA account information. The main source for your FSA account is your FSA provider, also known as a Third Party Administrator (TPA). FSA providers work with your employer to administer your FSA account - it’s safe to think of them as a type of “gatekeeper” to your FSA.

Through your FSA provider, you can access your FSA balance, submit or monitor claims for reimbursement, check payments made from your account, and sort out any other information you may need. Many TPAs offer FSA information online. You should ask your TPA about documentation known as a Summary Plan Description, which contains important details about the benefits included in your FSA account.

Our customer service team often gets requests to look up personal FSA balance information. However, does not have access to your FSA account. Please contact your TPA with any questions pertaining to your FSA.

FSA administrator contact information is accessible via the following options:

1. If you have an FSA Debit card, the TPA’s number should be listed on the back of the card.

2. You can ask your HR department representative who your FSA provider is.

3. If you know your TPA or have issues finding contact information, consult’s Contact Us page for information on almost 100 FSA providers.

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