Five ways to use your FSA before year-end

It’s almost time for the dreaded December 31st Flexible Spending Account (FSA) deadline. This time of the year is hectic enough as it is, so we’re giving you five suggestions to make spending down your FSA easy.

If you don’t have an FSA deadline coming up or if you just signed up for an FSA for the coming year, you might still be curious to learn about ways to apply your FSA throughout the year.

#1: Check Your Vision

Want to get new glasses? Need a vision checkup? Need to get new contacts or contact lens solution? Want information on LASIK?

Eye care is an FSA eligible expense. Schedule a visit with an ophthalmologist before the FSA year ends, or shop for FSA eligible eye care products at

#2: Get a Dental Cleaning

Dental care is FSA eligible. Apply your FSA toward a co-pay, deductible or coinsurance required for a dental exam, a cleaning or fluoride treatment, fillings and dental reconstruction; all qualify for FSA reimbursement. Orthodontia is also eligible, and some administrators even allow prepayment when required. If you’re planning to use your FSA for orthodontia, check with your FSA administrator to determine any restrictions they may have.

#3: Visit a Specialist

All types of health care providers are covered by an FSA. This ranges from dentists to pediatricians to ophthalmologists to chiropractors and acupuncturists. It might be good to schedule a visit with any of these specialty providers before your FSA plan year ends.

#4: Update Your First Aid Cabinet

It’s never a bad idea to update your first aid kit. If you’re planning holiday travel, are frequently on the road, or dropping kids off at soccer practice, band-aids, an on-the-go first aid kit and hot/cold packs go a long way to clear up any pain.

#5: Bundle Up

Our bundles are FSA eligible care packages, designed for all of your medical needs. We have a large variety of bundles including Family Essentials, Pain Relief and Baby Care. These bundles are an effective way to spend down your FSA and save money.

Find a local medical provider through our FSA Eligible Servicesand shop for FSA eligible products online through