Flex Spending tips for June

What do you plan to use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for this June? Do you know about the various FSA-eligible expenses for your plan? If not, ask your FSA administrator (or reach out to HR, if you're not sure who your FSA provider is) about any further details.

Here's a roundup of favorite blog posts for June:

1. Are you maximizing your FSA? See if you're on track for the year:


2. Are you prepped for summer? Check out FSA eligible product ideas for June!


3. Did you know hot & cold packs qualify for FSA reimbursement? Read more about the Chillow!


4. Learn how to soothe sunburn with a flex spending account:


Your take (comment below):

What do you like about having an FSA? What products/services are you most surprised are FSA eligible? Share this post with friends/family who have an FSA!

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