Flexible Spending Account Grace Period coming?

Need to spend the rest of your Flexible Spending Account dollars from 2014? If you're among FSA holders who have a Grace Period, you have until March 15 to use your FSA money, or risk losing it.

Trying to figure out how to best use the money?

1. Have you visited the dentist or had an eye exam this year? You can use your FSA to cover a co-pay or deductible.

2. Are you planning any travel this spring or summer? Check out FSA Store's Travel Essentials for surprising items you can buy with your FSA money.

3. Do you exercise a lot? Hot/cold therapy packs, elastic bandages and tape, and knee braces, are among many items covered by your account.

Spend Your Leftover FSA Money Quickly:
Or if you want to quickly spend down your FSA, you can always visit the Bundles page, or check out the suggestions in this Every Day Health article (we're mentioned there), too!

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