Flexible Spending Account items for home

Not traveling anywhere this summer? You can still use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for healthy essentials at home.

Did you know your FSA can cover thousands of products? How about that it covers things including bandages, sunscreen, heat wraps, cold compresses, shoe inserts and even blood pressure monitors?

Flexible Spending Accounts already save you on out-of-pocket expenses, and you can save up to 40% on home health care products at FSA Store by using your FSA.

Check out popular categories including:

-- Pain Relief - hot and cold packs

-- Specialty supplements - glucosamine chondroitin for joint health.

-- Cold & allergy - get rid of congestion and cold symptoms with various products including vaporizers and saline spray.

-- Braces- for neck and back support.

-- Storage for medications - medicine trays and storage solutions for daily medications you may take.

In addition to these FSA eligible items, you can find a large selection of other FSA eligible products. FSA Store is the only one-stop destination for those with Flexible Spending Accounts - whether you're looking for products or information about FSAs!

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