FSA deadline on Dec. 31? The Ultimate Guide to FSA-eligible products

The holidays are practically around the corner! As you prepare to travel, take the time to cook for your family, hang out with friends, and decorate your home, it's easy to forget about something else - the Flexible Spending Account deadline.

If you have a plan year ending on December 31, you'll want to make sure you use any remaining dollars before it's too late. The money in an FSA is "use-it-or-lose-it," and you don't want to risk losing your pre-tax money. If you're not sure when your deadline is, or whether you have an FSA deadline extension like the Carryover or Grace Period, the best you can do is contact your FSA administrator or ask your HR department for details soon.

Our Ultimate Guide to FSA Eligible Products will give you ideas on how you can use your remaining FSA money on everyday health products! People are often surprised by the amount and variety of healthcare products that a Flexible Spending Account can cover. There are thousands of products that span categories ranging from eye care to baby care to pain relief and first aid.

We've compiled the Ultimate Guide to make it easier for you to shop for these products, without any confusion as to what's eligible.

Let's get started...

Are you a Traveler/Adventurer? Then these product suggestions are for you! If you're gearing up for holiday travel (taking a flight, going on a road trip, perhaps), or planning future travel, these items will come in handy.

1. The Cara Select Heat LCD Moist or Dry Heating Pads - King Size Model pad provides comforting relief for all types of pain.

2. Adventure Medical First Aid Kits, Comprehensive, has all the items you'll need in terms of first aid for your next adventure. Check out Adventure Medical for you and your family.

3. Band-aids. Carry a small supply in your bag to quickly take care of those minor cuts and scrapes.

Want to indulge? Treat yourself with your FSA? Check out the selection of Best Sellers - or products that you might be pleasantly surprised are available with your pre-tax FSA.

The FSAstore.com Goodies section is full of surprises:

1. Warm Steam Vaporizer - this vaporizer can help relieve cold symptoms quickly and naturally.

2. Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals - all-natural hot/cold therapy for kids that will relieve all types of aches and provides comfort through a cute, stuffed animal.

3. Handheld Steam inhaler - get instant relief for allergies, colds/flu symptoms and sinus problems.

Baby/Child care. If you have a little one, are expecting, or have kids, then there are a few products we'd recommend. A lot of baby care and child care products are covered by your Flexible Spending Account.

1. Thermometers. The Braun Forehead thermometer provides a non-invasive, quick, and gentle way to monitor your baby's fever.

2. Breast pumps & accessories. Breastfeeding supplies from popular brand Medela are also covered by your FSA and sold at FSAstore.com.

3. The MediBag First Aid bag is a great kid-friendly, first-aid kit. It has 117 pieces and is a great choice for the outdoors, travel or at home.


Eye care. Your Flexible Spending Account can cover different expenses when it comes to eye care. With your FSA, you can cover an annual eye exam, prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses, contact lenses, contact lens care and more.

1. Opti-Free Replenish Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution (2-pack). Contact lens solution keeps your contacts clean and wet for comfort.

2. TheraPearl Hot/Cold Therapy Eye Mask. Suffering from headaches, sinus pressure or puffy eyes? Get fast relief with the eye mask!

3. Adlens Adjustables (Eyeglasses). These eyeglasses can be adjusted to any distance - near or far. Convenient for at home, around the office and during travel!

Defibrillator? TENS therapy? Check out the selection of interesting products that you might not know are available with your FSA.

1. Did you know defibrillators are covered by an FSA? Defibrillators are handy for at home, the office, or even in the car. Learn more via Philips

2. TENS therapy. Get pain relief for all types of aches through TENS Therapy.

3. Stethoscopes & Blood Pressure Monitors. Diagnostics like stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors are indeed covered by your FSA. Check out the smartphone-compatible blood pressure monitor from Qardio.

Tip: Need to spend down your FSA quickly? You can always check out Bundles for pre-packaged solutions to use your FSA for different needs.

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