FSA-eligible essentials for Parks and Recreation Month

Did you know July is Parks and Recreation Month? Summer is full of opportunities to explore the great outdoors, and that could definitely include parks! Parks are a great place to unwind after a hectic day or week, to enjoy a hike or a picnic, and they often offer something for everyone (including some playgrounds for kids). And even better, your Flexible Spending Account can help fuel the fun!

If you have a favorite local park, you'll want to prep for visiting it with a few healthy essentials, so you don't have to worry as much about minor scrapes, pains and other nuisances.

And, as you use your FSA, you'll know that you're saving on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses by shopping for products you need!

Healthy FSA-eligible Essentials for a Day in the Park

Planning an extensive trip to a national park, or simply want to visit your local park?

No problem! Whether you're traveling near or far, there are essentials you can bring with you to help on the adventure. In addition to the usual list of snacks and water, you'll definitely want to also consider bringing first aid items.

If you want a comprehensive first aid kit specific to a park trip, look no further than Adventure Medical Kits. These first aid kits are built for any adventure - small or big!

1. The Adventure First Aid Family Kit is perfect for family needs. Not only does it contain all the first aid supplies you could want, but it also has a handy "Caring for Children in the Outdoors" guide to first aid specific for kids, covering a range of topics from administering medications to treating wounds to sprains and more! In addition to that, the kit will easy fit inside a stroller or diaper bag for more convenience.

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2. The Comprehensive kit has just about everything you'll want and more for your first aid needs. This organized bag contains side panels for medications, a detachable Ultralight/Watertight summer kit, and first aid supplies to treat all types of injuries including bandages and dressings.

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3. If you're planning on hunting or fishing, Adventure Medical Kits developed the Whitetail kit for those purposes. This kit has first aid treatments for all types of common injuries specific to hunting and fishing.

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