FSA Insider - Shedding some light on hi-tech FSA-eligible products

"Wait, that's FSA-eligible?"

We hear this question a lot from our customers. And we understand why; many people are so happy to offset their monthly costs for items like bandages, OTC medications and sunscreen, that they might not realize there is a growing collection of cutting-edge wellness products to consider when shopping with tax-free funds.

Take, for example, our Best Sellers section, which contains items that bring today's leading medical technologies right into your home, through smart, connected, truly modern devices that are 100% FSA-eligible.

This month, we're sharing three of our favorite hi-tech health products with Insiders. And these three are particularly intriguing, because -- despite their advanced technology -- they offer relief through the natural power of light.

Nuve N72 Deep Penetrating Light Therapy

While heating pads and wraps are great for addressing pain, this deep tissue light treatment goes beyond the surface to improve blood circulation, alleviate swelling, and relax muscles. Users will enjoy near-immediate relief from pain, right at the source, within seconds of using the device.

But this is no portable heating lamp. Deep penetrating light (DPL) treatment uses an advanced form of energy to reach deep into your body, helping to heal while helping you eliminate nagging pains. The Nuve N72 has a wide range of uses, for most external parts of the body.

Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Gum Device

DPL therapy isn't limited to arms and legs. This therapeutic gum device uses the same concentrated energy technology to ease oral pain and stiffness -- even pain coming from abrasions and cuts inside the mouth. This drug-free treatment is 100% natural and non-invasive, with simple functionality and zero side effects.

dpl II Panel Professional Acne Treatment System

For years, dermatologists have championed the use of photodynamic therapy to help improve skin health and complexion. From acne breakouts to color/tone improvement to anti-aging treatments, this simple, non-invasive technology has been a huge win for those seeking better skin health.

But, what was once only available in doctors' offices is now available at home. The dpl II Professional Collection Light Therapy Panel can be used on any external part of your skin, offering a full body treatment -- including face, neck, chest, hands and back -- in a matter of minutes.

Creams, lotions and masks work fine. But for thorough, efficient treatment of skin problems, the dpl II is a fantastic way to spend your FSA funds.

As you can see, there's a lot more to FSA spending than you might think. If your idea of hi-tech health is a calorie tracking phone app, check out the light therapy products above, not to mention the entire Hi-Tech Health section. You might just find a unique way to use your FSA money ... treating yourself to something a little special along the way.

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