FSAstore.com Brand Spotlight

Wondering which products are covered by your healthcare Flexible Spending Account at FSAstore.com?

You might be surprised to discover the wide variety of items covered by your Flexible Spending Account (FSA). At FSAstore.com, we sell thousands of products across many different categories - everything from first-aid kits to thermometers to blood pressure monitors to breast pumps, and more.

If you're curious about other covered medical expenses, browse our FSAstore.com Eligibility List. This list lets you search depending on your plan type, including a regular healthcare FSA, a Dependent Care FSA, a Limited FSA, a Health Savings Account (HSA) and more!

Check out these FSAstore.com customer favorite brands:

Medela: If you're not familiar with Medela, they're a brand specializing in baby care items! Products range from breast pumps to breastfeeding accessories like breast milk storage solution, save breast milk bags, clean micro-steam bags for moms nationwide!

Adventure Medical Kits: The Adventure Medical first-aid products are tested by experts who specialize in wilderness medicine. Do you enjoy hiking or jogging, or being outdoors? Products range from first-aid kits to first-aid treatments. They make a great companion to any hiking or camping trip, and can easily be kept in the car or in your tent while you're on your next adventure.

Thermal-Aid: Adults and kids can get pain relief through Thermal-Aid that offers 100% natural and therapeutic hot/cold therapy. These packs are reusable and eco-friendly, too. Products include heating and cooling packs for adults, and comforting stuffed animals for kids.

KT Tape: KT Tape is a 100% synthetic, athletic tape that offers pain relief for different areas on your body and stays with you in water or while sweating, etc. Professional athletes rely on KT Tape to power them through their workouts.

Philips: Defibrillators are covered by a Flexible Spending Account! Learn more about the Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator (AED) and other items, to keep around the home, your office or in the car.

BSN: Bandages, wound care and compression stockings are covered by a Flexible Spending Account as well. Learn about BSN and its wide selection of products via FSAstore.com.

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