FSA Store: A NYC Small Business Ambassador

FSAstore.com is honored to have been named an ambassador of the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS)'s new program, the Next Generation of Talent Business Ambassadorship Program. This SBS program encourages small businesses to hire, invest in, and train young adults. Program ambassadors are committed to not only hiring young adults, but also letting other businesses know about the resources available to them to hire or train young talent.

The SBS highlighted FSAstore.com among its ambassadors, for hiring young adults ages 18-26.As part of the program, the SBS launch includes a website with profiles of each ambassador, including FSAstore.com. On our FSAstore.com profile, you can read our story and find resources available to help hire and train young adults.

The SBS supports and offers various programs to help the businesses in New York City easily recruit, train and hire young adult employees through the Workforce1 system. The SBS offers internship programs including Scholars at Work, the Web Development Fellowship, and Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship program. The SBS also offers financial support for businesses through the program through the NYC Business Solutions Customized Training Grants and On the Job Training grants.FSAstore.com will be working as an ambassador to connect the Workforce1 system and small businesses to help drive the hiring and training of young adults among other NYC-based businesses.

According to the SBS citing a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, "small businesses are developing innovative strategies to hire and upskill young workers in ways that are both good for business and helpful in reducing unemployment hardships that disproportionately impact underserved young people." The SBS also noted a report by the Center for an Urban Future in September 2014, which said, "since 2000 the percentage of 16-24 year olds participating in the labor market fell from 45% to 29%, while the unemployment rate for this group increased from 13% to 20%."

Learn more program details viawww.nexgenoftalent.nyc.

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