Getting reimbursed For claims once your FSA plan year ends

Submitting Claims for your Flex Spending Account

Possibly. The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plan year for many recently ended on December 31.

Not all FSAs have this yearly deadline, and some may have a grace period to continue to use their remaining funds for up to two and half months following the end of the year.

Due to recent changes to the FSA “Use it or Lose it” rule, some FSA participants may even be able to carryover some of their remaining FSA dollars.

Checking in on your Flexible Spending Account

You can easily avoid worrying about year-end FSA claims by simply submitting them throughout the plan year. If you forget:

  1. Most FSA plans typically allow 90 days to submit claims after the plan year ends. But, you can only submit claims for expenses incurred during that plan year.
  2. If you have an FSA grace period (a two-and-a-half month extension), you would be allowed to incur new expenses (with your previous plan year FSA) during this time.
  3. FSA administrators might allow you to submit your claim online (via the administrator website), or you could send in a form as well. It’s best to check in with your FSA administrator to find out about your FSA’s claim procedures.

Do you have an FSA with a grace period ending on March 15, 2014? There is still time to use remaining funds from your 2013 FSA year. Shop for FSA eligible products at and follow our blog for updates and the latest in the FSA world.

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