Grace Period Reminder: Use your 2012 FSA by March 15, the only e-commerce site stocked exclusively with Flexible Spending Account (FSA) eligible products and services, reminds consumers covered by an FSA that they may have a grace period to use 2012 FSA funds. Many FSA programs offer a grace period ending on March 15. FSA holders should check in with their FSA administrators to confirm whether or not they have this deadline.

Each year consumers lose hundreds of millions of dollars because they do not use tax-free dollars available in their FSAs. Consumers can shop for thousands of health products and use qualified health care services with pre-tax dollars in employer-sponsored FSAs. If funds are not spent by the end of the plan period, they are forfeited.

"There are no eligibility guessing games on our site since we are exclusively stocked with FSA eligible products and services," said Jeremy Miller , founder and president. "In addition to the clarity we bring to the table, we also offer an unparalleled level of convenience for consumers, especially around deadlines when they might not otherwise find the time to use their funds and avoid forfeiture."

Ways to use FSA funds before March 15:

  • Consider over-the-counter products you could use throughout the year that are FSA-eligible ranging from baby care items to contact lens care to shoe inserts.
  • Be heart healthy and purchase blood pressure monitors.
  • Prepare an emergency first aid kit containing bandages, band-aids, gauze and more.
  • Gear up for spring and summer with FSA-eligible sunscreen.
  • Planning for or expecting a baby? You can find everything from breast pumps to prenatal vitamins on our site.

Contact your FSA provider to see if your plan qualifies for the grace period.

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