Five FSA product and tip roundups

As the holidays approach, it's an important time to also consider our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). Yes, you read that correctly. The FSA deadline is coming soon for many account holders on December 31, and that means that any money left in the account will get lost, if it's not spent by that deadline!

Here are some of our favorite roundups of the year with tips on how to spend and manage your Flexible Spending Account before the December 31 deadline. If you don't have that specific deadline, there are still tips and products listed you might find helpful to consider with your FSA, overall.

Here are our top 5 FSA-related posts from

Are you ready for 2016? Do you know how you'll be using your FSA in the near year, and have you calculated what's left? What else do you need to do in regards to your Flexible Spending Account for 2015 and using your remaining dollars? Read all about it via this pre-2016 FSA checklist.

Dealing with a cold and want to get rid of the symptoms soon? Check out this post containing a list of our 6 favorite products to treat your cold symptoms:

Anyone in your family or you dealing with a fever? Here are some of the best FSA-eligible thermometers and here's how they're different:

Is your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) balance almost depleted? Not sure what's remaining in your account? Need to spend down a few more dollars and trying to decipher what to buy in terms of products? Check out these tips for a low balance:

Still have a lot of leftover funds in your FSA? Trying to figure out what products are covered by your Flexible Spending Account and need to buy before December 31? Check out this comprehensive, end of year guide to products:

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