How do I know what will be reimbursed by my FSA?

At, we exclusively sell thousands of FSA eligible products. We make it easy for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) holders to shop for eligible healthcare related products. You may deal with frustration and confusion at the drugstore, where it can be difficult to tell what items qualify for your FSA. As you walk through the aisles, you’re only seeing a small portion of the thousands of products that are eligible with your FSA. On our site, it’s easy to browse numerous categories all in one easy location. You might even be surprised to find that certain items are FSA eligible. Were you aware that nasal saline solution, breast pumps, and knee braces are available with an FSA? Check out more FSA eligible expenses on our site via the FSA Eligibility List.

The IRS determines overall FSA eligibility, but your plan has its own guidelines. Most FSAs follow the IRS eligibility guidelines, but some may be limited to only cover specific expenses. While adheres to the IRS eligibility standards, if you have an FSA that’s limited to certain expenses, it may not work on our site. It’s best to check in with your employer about your plan’s eligible expenses to comfortably shop our site. We offer a 100% FSA Eligibility Guarantee that the products we sell are eligible or you get your money back. Should your FSA administrator ever deny your claim, let us know and one of our FSA experts will be able to assist you.

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