How to fight outdoor allergies during yard work with FSA-eligible products

Have you heard of the “Pollen Vortex?” If you have spring allergies but still brave high pollen levels to garden outdoors or spruce up your abode, a long wet winter and a cold early spring have cooked up the perfect recipe for an explosion in pollen counts all over the country.

Thanks to the long and arduous winter, tree buds and grass blooms are expected to occur at the same time in many parts of the country, which should account for a major surge in pollen numbers, otherwise dubbed as the “Pollen Vortex.” Of course, you have many outdoor projects and other warm weather activities to attend to, so being cooped up indoors is not an option.

To beat the Pollen Vortex and complete all of those important spring jobs, use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) on FSA eligible products to tackle everything you need to get done this season.

Utilize a daily anti-allergy medication regimen

If your seasonal allergies arrive like clockwork each year, ideally you should begin taking medication early on in the season to lessen the severity of allergic symptoms as pollen counts rise, suggests WebMD.

Consider making an appointment with an allergist or use your FSA to pick up over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medications in time for the warm weather. Allergy medications require a prescription for FSA reimbursement.

Get a saline spray.

Saline solution will reduce nasal congestion and fight those allergy symptoms. You can use it in conjunction with the antihistamine for even more effective allergy treatment!

Use a neti pot or sinus-cleansing system.

The neti pot or cleansing system keep nasal passages clear, so you can breathe easier.

Consider rewetting drops for your contact lenses.

These drops can ensure that your eyes stay moist, and that any irritation from outside particles is reduced. Combining antihistamines, saline sprays and rewetting eye drops can help fight the sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes that plague allergy sufferers all season long.

If you’re sick of suffering through another allergy season, is here to help! Check out our huge selection of FSA eligible allergy products that can help you give the Pollen Vortex a run for its money and tackle everything on your warm weather to-do list!

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