How to go about "cryostretching"

How to use FSA-eligible cold packs for "cryostretching"

Any physical trainer will tell you that stretching before and after your workout is essential to avoid lingering soreness and exposing yourself to a potentially serious injury. But have you ever gone the extra mile to try "cryostretching?"

Cryostretching has become increasingly popular among physical trainers and amateur athletes alike, and it can be done using a standard cold pack that many of us already have in our homes. This technique has the ability to reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility, resulting in a far more beneficial stretch overall. Whether you're easing into a new fitness program or looking to bounce back quicker from your regimen, get your FSA eligible cold pack ready for a bit of cryostretching! Here's how to get started:

Pre- and Post-Workout Cryostretching

Cryostretching involves a period of cold therapy, stretching and a relaxation period to prep the body for physical activity or help it recover. Ideally, this technique can be utilized on joints and specific muscles that may have given you trouble in the past, or those which you are planning to target in your fitness regimen.

First, a cold pack is placed on a specific area for about 20 minutes, during which the body part should become nearly numb. Next, perform two sets of stretches for 60 seconds each with a 20-second rest period in between. Do not alter your stretching method and aim to slowly increase the distance of the stretch with each repetition.

How does cryostretching make a difference?

Cryostretching before and after each workout can produce a more effective stretch and lessens the possibility of debilitating injuries. On a physiological level, cryostretching will numb an area of the body and prevent muscle spasms during stretching, which in turn reduces pain and enable a more efficient stretch.

When stretching post-workout, muscles are left in a shortened state after constant contraction, so they will be left tight and sore if they are not returned to their natural position after a workout. Cryostretching can boost this post-workout stretch and reduce the lingering pain that is present after significant physical activity.

If you find yourself struggling with nagging injuries or simply can't bounce back from a tough workout as soon as you'd like, give cryostretching a try! Best of all, if you have a flexible spending account (FSA), you can purchase the perfect cold pack for the job at! We have the web's largest selection of FSA eligible products to maximize your employee benefits and your overall health.

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