How your FSA can help you enjoy National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Wednesday, May 28, marks the arrival of National Senior Health & Fitness Day. This nationwide health and fitness event entering its 21st year aims to promote the importance of regular physical activity at all ages, as well as the many forms of outreach and organizations that are available that cater to senior health and wellness.

If you’re over the age of 65 or know a loved one who could reap the benefits of regular physical activity, National Senior Health & Fitness Day is the boost of motivation you need to life a healthier lifestyle. Best of all, if you happen to have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), there’s an impressive amount of FSA eligible items that can provide a boost to your active regimen and speed your recovery times from exercise.

Check out a few of these activities as National Senior Health & Fitness Day kicks off, as well as a few products from that can maximize your enjoyment of the new healthier you.

Find an exercise program for your needs

  • Jumping into a fitness regimen may not be easy, but the National Institute on Aging has a few helpful guidelines that could prove beneficial. The organization has quick and easy ways to increase physical activity during a given day, how to set short- and long-term fitness goals, how to keep track of your progress and how proper nutrition can be a wholly beneficial supplement to increased exercise. If you have any history of health problems like hypertension, diabetes or other issues, using your FSA on diagnostic equipment like blood pressure monitors and oximeters can help you hit the ground running and keep any health issues in check as your activity level rises.

Join a seniors’ exercise class

  • Making an effort to embrace a more physically active lifestyle is extremely important for seniors, but finding a sense of community and meeting new people can also work wonders to improve your overall health. National Senior Health & Fitness Day events are taking place all over the country, whether they’re at your local parish, senior center, YMCA, hospitals, retirement communities, health clubs and countless other locations. One class could turn into a hobby or activity that you never knew you were interested in, and this could result in many new friendships too.

Visit your primary care doctor

  • As important as it is to incorporate exercise and social interaction into your life, taking stock of your overall health and making the right choices for your well-being by visiting a primary care doctor is yet another key tenet of National Senior Health & Fitness Day. In addition to performing a wide range of important consultations, blood work and other tests, this is the perfect time to ask any questions pertaining to your health, as well as talking with your doctor about your new fitness goals. Last but not least, over-the-counter (OTC) medications that you purchase with your FSA now require a prescription from a doctor to be eligible for reimbursement, so this is an ideal time to pick up documentation for pain relievers, allergy medications and other OTC products that are compatible with your tax-free funds.

With National Senior Health & Fitness Day right around the corner, heed the message of this important health awareness event to make lasting, positive changes to your lifestyle - and let help you out along the way.

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