Are chiropractors an FSA-eligible expense?

The New Year is a great start to kick off your health care resolutions. Maybe you're looking to get into better shape or want to keep tabs on your health in general.

You may have recently signed up for a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) during open enrollment. An FSA is an employer-sponsored benefit account that lets you contribute pre-tax income toward health care.

After doing some preliminary research, or maybe relying on what you've heard, you could already be familiar with FSAs.

But, did you know which services are FSA eligible?

An FSA lets you pay for many different services. Alternative medicine such as chiropractic care is one such service that qualifies for FSA reimbursement.

A chiropractic visit, exam, or treatment would then be covered by an FSA as long as the purpose is to treat a medical condition and not for general good health. Transportation to and from the chiropractor (only in case of medical care) could also be considered eligible.

FSA Eligible Expense Qualifications

The IRS makes an important distinction between services for medical necessity vs. services or products that benefit general health. A massage may not qualify with your FSA (depending on your plan) unless recommended by your doctor, who provides a letter of medical necessity (LMN).

However, your FSA plan will outline very specifically (in the Summary Plan Description) which FSA-eligible expenses qualify – meaning which costs you will be reimbursed for. You can find general guidelines on FSA eligibility through the IRS via

If you have any doubts about which services or products are covered by your FSA, it's best to reach out to your FSA administrator. Eligible expenses can vary per plan, and per employer. If you're not sure how to find information about your FSA administrator, please consult your HR department instead.

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