That's Eligible?! Head outdoors this Memorial Day with FSA-eligible products

Technically, the beginning of summer is in June, but if you ask most Americans, the real start of summer is Memorial Day weekend! With a long weekend to look forward to, many will hit the road for their first beach excursion, host a barbecue and enjoy time with their friends and family.

No matter where you're headed this weekend, you and your loved ones' health should still be a top priority! Your flexible spending account (FSA) covers a surprising range of products that can help you prevent or tackle possible health issues with ease. When you're prepping for Memorial Day weekend, here's how to use FSA funds to welcome the warm weather season.

  1. Sun care bundle

Unless you've been working on your base tan all winter long, your skin is far more susceptible to sunburns during the early summer. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, sunburns can increase your risk of skin cancer, so make sure you and your loved ones are protected with sunscreen with broad spectrum protection. Broad spectrum sunscreen blocks out UVA and UVB rays, the primary wavelengths of UV light that contribute to sunburns.

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  1. First-aid kit

Whether it's a minor scratch or an injury that may require more advanced medical attention, make sure you have a solution when a sudden emergency rears its head. First aid kits are a great investment in the early summer that you can keep handy around the house, in your car/RV/boat or wherever you're headed to respond confidently when an injury arises.

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  1. Elastic bandages

Going to play a game of pickup football with your friends? Or are you heading on a hike in your favorite state park? Elastic bandages are a great item to have around the house in the case of a muscle or tendon injury, as they can immobilize injured areas so you can heal more quickly.

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  1. Anti-allergy nasal spray

If you're still contending with the worst of your seasonal allergies, be sure to pick up allergy medicine before spending extended time outdoors this Memorial Day weekend. Anti-allergy nasal spray can help you overcome seasonal triggers like tree/grass pollen, mold spores and even indoor irritants like mold and pet dander.(While you're at it, grab some Boogie Wipes for good measure!)

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That's Eligible?! Be sun-ready this Memorial Day