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Has your child ever thrown a tantrum before or after a doctor's visit? Is it difficult to get your child to eat medicine or allow you to measure vitals? Healthcare and the tools and products that are essential to treating ailments aren't exactly a child's favorite thing.

While it's challenging to get your child to cooperate, there are many products that make the medical process less scary or more fun. Whether you are putting on a band aid or measuring their temperature, adding a friendly animal or their favorite cartoon character into the mix can often make all the difference.

You might think that your Flexible Spending Account is not going to cover these cuter health products. As long as the item's use case is something that falls under FSA eligible categories though, you can still purchase kid friendly items for your child with your FSA card.

FSA Store carries several kid-friendly medical products to take advantage of:

Thermal Aid Zoo Monkey

Thermal Aid Zoo is a line of naturally made thermal animals that can act as heat or ice packs for thermal treatment. The animals are machine washable and great for when your child has a sprained ankle or the flu.

Try these Other Kid-Friendly Ice and Heat Pack Options:

TheraPearl Pals

These colorful pals are great for comforting kids as they receive thermal treatment. They're safe, reusable, and high-quality, having won the “Parent Tested-Parent Approved" Award.

Cool Gel N Cap Kids - Tulip the Bunny

A hands free ice pack that fits on the head, it's both cute and convenient. The fabric is designed to be cozy, combating the usual sting and condensation of ice packs while letting the cold and warm therapy still get through.

Thermal-Aid Mini Zoo Hot and Cold Pack

A zoo animal ice pack for your kids boo boos.

Kids Band-aids:

Their large variety of bandages doesn't just stop at size and function. There are so many movie and TV show character themed Band-Aids that every kid is going to find one they love. While the designs themselves don't add any medicinal value, it can go a long way in making your child feel better about their cut or scrape.

FSA Store offers many different options of themed Band-Aids:

For boys - Cars, Mickey, Spongebob

For girls - Disney Frozen, Disney Fairies, Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer

Shop the Band-Aid brand

First Aid Kit:

These medical first-aid kits come in four different animal buddies: puppy, kitten, penguin, or monkey. Inside is an assortment of bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and more. It even comes with some fun stickers!

Shop for the MediBuddy Kid Friendly First Aid To Go

Kids Thermometer:

A measuring thermometer with a Panda character and carrying case. Perfect for taking your kid's temperature at home or on the go.

Shop for the Caring Mill® FROG Thermometer- 30 Second / Flex Tip

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