May FSA Mailbag! Your top Learning Center questions answered!

Each month, we receive hundreds of great questions from our customers about everything relating to FSAs in ourFSA Learning Center. This past April, we received a number of fantastic questions relating to product eligibility and account coverage, which may be helpful to other FSA users as well.

Here are our favorite Learning Center questions that could help you see your consumer-directed healthcare account in a new way.

"How do I get reimbursed for a humidifier?"

Humidifiers are only eligible for FSA reimbursement with a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from a physician that is submitted with a traditional claim. This letter must outline how a humidifier will be used to treat a specific medical condition, and its pivotal role in the treatment process. We actually covered this topic in one of our most recent blog posts, as products like air filters, humidifiers and air purifiers fall into a gray area of FSA eligibility.

"Can I redact personal information on receipts that I submit for reimbursement?"

A plan administrator will need to know specific information about a potentially eligible item or service and the person for whom the claim is being submitted for in order to approve an expense. However, it may be possible to withhold certain information that a member does not wish to share on a receipt. For details on exactly what information will be needed to approve your expense, please contact your plan administrator, whose information can typically be found on the back of your account debit-card or by asking your employer for their contact information.

"Can I use my FSA to pay for prescription scuba mask?"

Scuba diving is not a medically necessary activity, therefore, it would most likely not be eligible for FSA reimbursement. However, your benefits administrator will be able to provide you with further details. Sometimes when an item must be altered to meet the needs of a medical condition, the cost difference in the specified item vs. the item without the medical component will qualify. To find out if you may be eligible to submit for reimbursement of a portion of the cost of the mask, contact your FSA benefits administrator.

"Received reimbursement for over payment from hospital. Do I need to return this money to my benefits card?"

Probably. If you paid for the expense to the hospital using your FSA debit-card, the money most likely needs to be returned to the FSA plan. To find out the details you'll need to contact your FSA administrator, whose information can typically be found on the back of your FSA debit-card.

"To get money out of my FSA, do I need to present a paid receipt or just a bill that needs paid?"

First, it's important to note that account holders do not withdraw FSA funds, rather they make direct purchases with an FSA card (similar to a traditional debit card tied to an FSA account), or expenses are paid for with traditional payment methods (cash, check, credit/debit card) and the receipt for the qualifying product/service are submitted to the benefits administrator as a claim for reimbursement. Proof of payment is typically not a required form of documentation from a benefits administrator, but you will want to direct any specific questions to them. For more information on how to use your account and file claims, speak with your FSA benefits administrator!

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