Medical Fitness Week

A jog, a basketball game, and even your daily walk to work are all important parts of fitness. Check out the neat infographic (on the left) to discover other ways to stay on top of your health.

Each year, The Medical Fitness Association highlights and sponsors a Medical Fitness Week. The week is fueled by promotion of healthy lifestyles.

One popular activity is the "Worldwide Walking Challenge: 70,000 steps in 7 days." You could also create your own goals to stay healthy, and your flex spending account certainly helps.

There are many FSA-eligible products you can get ranging from hot and cold therapy to treat sore muscles, to first aid for cuts and scrapes, to braces for ankle or knee support. carries these items across many categories!

Weight-loss programs are covered?

Weight-loss programs could* qualify with your flex spending account under two conditions: if recommended by your doctor to treat a medical condition, and if accompanied by a Letter of Medical Necessity outlining medical need. *Depends on what the specific FSA plan covers.

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