National Family Fun Month with an FSA

August is National Family Fun Month! Now is the time to soak in the last few weeks of summer before the kids go back to class.

Here are a few ideas from us to make this month a memorable one!

1) Head Outdoors Water and amusement parks are great for the summer, or a more low-key option is to have a picnic at a local park. If you're feeling really adventurous - go camping! Just make sure to apply sunscreen while you're out and about.

2) Exercise as a Family Biking around your neighborhood is fun. So is playing catch with a baseball or bouncing a basketball around the court. After you're finished, cool off and relax your muscles with a cold pack.

3) Have a Game Night ...or day! Prepare some popcorn or other snacks and spark that competitive spirit while playing board games.

4. Prepare a picnic.Who says you need to travel far to have fun? You can prepare a picnic in your own backyard or take one to enjoy it in your local park.

5. Organize a get together in the local park. The kids are still enjoying the remainder of summer before it's time to head back to school. Why not invite their friends and parents to join you and your family at the park?

6. Enjoy a hike. Are you near the mountains or within a short range driving of them? Explore the great outdoors together and then rest up after a nice hike.

7. Havea cookout. If you have room in your backyard, why not have a summer BBQ? Prepare all the fixings with the kids and plan ahead with their favorite, healthy snacks.

8. Take a trip to the beach. If you're near the beach or within a few hours reach, why not take the family to the beach and enjoy some fun in the sun - you can swim, play beach volleyball or more! Just be sure to bring sunscreen for everyone and reapply it every few hours (and after swimming) to make sure you're sun safe.

9. Go to a county fair or find another local activity. Maybe you enjoy visiting farmers markets or exploring your own town. Make a day out of it by looking for activities for the family or create your own fun itinerary.

10. Create a scavenger hunt. Set up parameters for the kids and let them roam around safely near home. You can even invite their friends for added fun.

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