National Heart Awareness

Today is "Go Red For Women" day - a day established by the American Heart Association for everyone to come together to fight heart disease. The American Heart Association named heart disease the "number one" killer in the U.S. In the last ten years its "Go Red for Women" campaign has raised awareness of the disease and the ongoing fight against it.

What Can You Do To Lower the Odds of Heart Disease?

Keep up your heart health by taking into account factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, exercise and smoking. High blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease.

Your blood pressure and heart rate are two separate measures. Learn about their difference here.

Find out what your cholesterol levels are to improve as that can help lower the likelihood of heart disease.

WebMD Guide to Cholesterol:

Total CholesterolCategory
Less than 200Desirable
200 - 239Borderline High
240 and aboveHigh

3. Monitor your heart health with FSA eligible blood pressure monitors.

4. Exercise regularly - it can help lower blood pressure, keep you at a healthy weight, improve blood circulation and has many more benefits.

5. Reduce smoking or quit the bad habit. Smoking plays a large role in increasing the odds of heart disease in both men and women!

6. Visit your health care provider for checkups.

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