New: FSA tracker

Do you know when your Flexible Spending Account deadline is?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, now is the time to contact your FSA administrator. Your Flexible Spending Account has a yearly deadline by which you need to spend the funds in the account. If you don’t use the funds you’ve set aside, you lose them. Some plans have an additional grace period in which you can spend your remaining funds for 2 and half additional months, but this does not apply to every plan.

An FSA administrator is much like a caretaker of your FSA plan. The administrator can tell you your available balance, claims details, plan deadlines and FSA eligibility.

FSA Tracker

We never publish this information. It’s only there to help you keep track of your FSA deadline to avoid losing your funds! If your deadline is coming up soon, check out our selection of FSA eligible productsTo help ensure that you never miss an important FSA deadline, recently launched a new FSA tracker. This free tool lets you plug in information about your upcoming FSA deadline, whether your plan has a grace period, and who your FSA administrator is.

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