Preparing a medical emergency kit with your FSA

Flexible Spending Account First Aid

As wintry temperatures pass through much of the country, it’s a good moment to think about emergency preparedness. Preparing for an emergency might not be something you think about all the time, but you won't regret having a few essentials handy when you need them. Did you know a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) covers first aid supplies? You can shop for various first aid kits and other first aid supplies directly at FSA Store.

Whether your area of the country gets a little snow, or gets hit by a full-on blizzard, preparing your home and car with first aid supplies in case of an emergency certainly can’t hurt. Winter storms can knock out power and cause other (structural) damage. If you’re traveling, why not bring a travel first aid kit along for any small pains along the way?

We've prepared a short list of some first aid items to prepare and your pre-tax FSA can cover the cost.

First aid checklist:

  • A comprehensive First aid kit for travel, in the car, or at home
  • Individual band-aids and bandages
  • Gauze, tape and pads
  • Children’s first aid – colorful band-aids or pediatric first aid kits
  • Anti-parasitic treatments
  • Gloves and masks

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