Spend FSA money before March 15

Is your FSA grace period approaching soon (or maybe on March 15)? If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), your employer could have given an option of either a $500 carryover into the next plan year or the FSA grace period. The Grace Period is a two and a half month period that lasts until March 15 to give you extra time to spend your FSA money before it's too late.

At FSAstore.com, we want to help you spend your hard-earned cash without forfeiting any money when time runs out.

Great options to consider using your FSA money on before March 15:


Doesn't it always seem like you're out of bandages at the worst possible time? Make sure you have the products to treat you and your family's cuts, scrapes and burns by picking up bandages for the whole family before the deadline.

Check Out: Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandages 1 In, 100 ea

Sun Protection Lip Balm

The frigid winter temperatures, dry air and windy conditions can wreak havoc on your lips during the cold weather months, so avoid chapped lips and provide an extra layer of SPF protection all winter long with FSA eligible lip balm.

Check Out: EOS Tangerine Medicated Lip Balm Sphere, .25 oz

Cushioned Insoles

Individuals who suffer from flat feet or other forms of foot pronation issues can benefit from cushioned insoles to reduce strain from everyday activities and to help shoes fit more comfortably.

Check Out: Men's - Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Men's Outrageous Comfort, Size 8-13

Women's - Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Women's Outrageous Comfort, Size 6-10

Saline Nose Wipes

Traditional tissues can irritate your nose if you're contending with a cold and constantly wiping and blowing your nose. This winter, pick up some saline nose wipes for a gentler touch that can prevent painful chafed skin around the nose.

Check Out: Boogie Wipes Saline Nose Wipes, Fresh Scent Travel Pact, 10 ct

First Aid Kit

Even if you already have one at home, a first aid kit is a smart addition to a car, RV or boat. First aid kits can give you confidence that you'll respond effectively in the event of an emergency situation.

Check Out: Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit, Safe Travels, 70 pc

Contact Lens Solution

Contact lens wearers know that lens solutions that disinfect and lubricate their contacts are indispensable for their daily routines. These solutions will help retain moisture throughout the day and kill bacteria that could potentially lead to eye infections.

Check Out: Opti-Free RepleniSH Multi-Purpose Disinfection Solution 10 oz, Value Pack 2

Sunscreen (SPF 15+, Broad Spectrum)

Ultraviolet rays can still do damage to your skin during the winter months, whether by direct sunlight or direct reflection off of snow and ice. Spring and summer are also just around the corner, so make sure you have the ability to protect your skin with broad spectrum sunscreen when spending long periods of time outdoors.

Check Out: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Defense Sunscreen, SPF 30, 2.5 oz.

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