Sprain an ankle? How your FSA can help

You never realize how much you use a part of your body until you injure it, and that becomes painfully obvious when spraining your ankle. An ankle is absolutely necessary with each step you take, and an injury there can throw a wrench into your personal and professional responsibilities in a hurry.

There's no magic bullet to alleviate the pain and discomfort of a sprained ankle. But, you'll need rest and relaxation, but there are a variety of athletic treatments and rehabilitative products available that can speed recovery times - and they're FSA eligible!

Here are options to keep in mind for an ankle sprain:

Hot/Cold Packs

Both cold and hot therapy are extremely helpful in treating acute pain issues, as cold therapy can alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, while heat therapy can open up blood vessels to ferry more oxygenated blood to affected areas to promote healing. This is a tactic called "contrast therapy," when hot and cold packs are used in tandem with one another. Whether it's a sprained ankle or other injury, hot and cold packs are great to have around the house.

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Elastic Bandages for ankle sprains

When you feel it's time to brave walking again after an ankle sprain, even a slight awkward movement can set your recovery back in a hurry. Give your ankle additional reinforcement in the latter stages of your recovery with an elastic bandage. This can be wrapped around the ankle joint to prevent additional strain injuries. These bandages have innumerable uses in the event of an injury, and they are great to have around the house for emergency situations.

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Kinesiology Tape

After your ankle has healed, you may be worried about re-injuring it in the future, so it's best to prepare before physical activity if you are susceptible to these types of strain injuries. Kinesiology tape is a great option for sore joints and muscles, and they can provide an additional means of stability on a troublesome area whether you're trying to prevent injury or recover from one.

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If you're contending with the pain and discomfort of a sprained ankle, an over-the-counter pain reliever can help immensely. However, in the event of physical injuries, opt for NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen or aspirin, that contain ingredients that will have an anti-inflammatory effect that can curb swelling as well as alleviating pain.

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