Stuffed animal (hot and cold) therapy with an FSA

Hot and Cold Therapy with a Flexible Spending Account

Bunnies, and hippos and bears...oh my! Stuffed animals are covered by a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?!

Yes, they could be, but these are not just any stuffed animals. The stuffed animals by Thermal-Aid aren't regular cute bears, elephants and hippos. They are 100% natural therapeutic hot/cold therapy products that can alleviate all types of pain - and that's why they're FSA eligible!

When kids are feeling achy or have a fever, the pain quickly becomes their main focus. But with Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals, soon they'll have lasting relief. When you think about treating a fever, of course medications and thermometers come to mind first. However, why not add a fun Thermal-Aid animal to the mix to soothe kids aches? Kids turn to their stuffed animal friends for comfort as is, so a hot/cold therapy animal from Thermal-Aid seems the perfect match.

Warm and cold therapy can effectively soothe different pains, reduce fevers and eliminate any discomfort, so kids can go back to being kids.

Using Thermal-Aid with an FSA

In addition to the variety of soothing stuffed animals, adults can also enjoy Thermal-Aid's 100% natural relief via the heating/cooling packs. Thermal-aid heating and cooling packs (available in different sizes) are designed to treat pain from sports injuries, headaches, and even arthritis. Best of all, they can function as hot therapy items, or cold therapy relief. The packs are easily heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. Thermal-Aid products are made from 100% natural cotton, and also use a specially engineered corn. Thermal-Aid packs are easily washable, so you can reuse them!

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Kid-Friendly Hot & Cold Packs