Summer Health Tips with your FSA

Summer is full of opportunities to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Nice weather and great company of family and friends or even taking much-needed time for yourself can make all the difference in your day. It's the chance to soak up the sun (responsibly and safely with sunscreen, of course). It's the time to be active (hike, run, bike, swim, or enjoy any other hobby you partake in), and get away from a busy work schedule to settle for down time.

But, while you're taking time outdoors in your free time, be sure to keep in mind your health, too. Poison Ivy can be a serious concern, so be mindful of that this summer. Even something like food poisoning can be much worse during the summer. Little scrapes or cuts can be a nuisance, and sunburn can put a damper on any vacation or day trip. Learn about the ways to handle these ailments, and let your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) offer relief this summer!

Share our infographic for summer health tips with your FSA! Learn how to quickly treat these specific summer ailments and get on with your day.

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