Use an FSA in honor of World Health Day

Did you know that April 7 is World Health Day? Since 1948 when the World Health Organization was founded, this special day aims to highlight the vital importance of public health, shed light on a priority of world health issues, and encourage individuals to participate in activities that can foster improved health and overall well-being.

World Health Day could be the catalyst to make positive health changes to your lifestyle, and if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), adapting to a healthier way of life is far easier than you may have imagined. With the ability to cover common medical expenses, co-payments, over-the-counter medications and many other products, you can heed the message of World Health Day and improve your quality of life.

Here are a few FSA-eligible expenses that can provide a healthier and more positive outlook for 2014.

Get a Physical

Regular physicals are key barometers that inform you of extremely valuable health information to make healthier choices in the future. Even basic blood work, height and weight screenings, an EKG and the ability to talk with your doctor about any health issues that have arisen in the past can shed light on what lifestyle changes need to be made and how to make adequate health-conscious choices to improve in the future.

Schedule Annual Eye Exams

Whether you wear glasses, contact lenses or simply can't remember the last time you read off of a Snellen chart, make a visit to your optometrist a priority following World Health Day. In addition to improving your vision, these professionals can help determine if you're at risk for a number of potential conditions like diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, brain tumors and multiple sclerosis, according to U.S. News and World Report. Make these visits an annual priority to avoid waiting for ocular issues to arise on their own.

Consider Smoking Cessation

There are very few smokers who aren't aware of the life-threatening dangers of their habits, but few are aware that smoking cessation programs are FSA eligible when prescribed. Nicotine patches, gum and prescription anti-smoking medications are all covered by FSAs as long as they are prescribed by your doctor. Smoking not only decreases quality of life, but it can also reduce your life expectancy by making you susceptible to cancer, emphysema and other health problems directly linked to smoking. If World Health Day can convince just one smoker to stop cigarettes for good, the event has already been a success!

Get Acupuncture

While some may view it as an alternative treatment, acupuncture has real and lasting benefits and is covered by your FSA. According to Medical News Today, acupuncture is known to alleviate pain and nausea after surgery, lower back pain, migraines and many other health issues. Additionally, many doctors suggest acupuncture as a combination treatment to be used with other conventional methods.

When April 7th rolls around, take the message of World Health Day to heart and use it as inspiration to make a number of positive health changes with your FSA funds.

For a few more ideas of what FSA-eligible products are applicable with your benefit, visit's Learning Center for expert advice and tips to make the most of your FSA.

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